Hi! I’m Tiia. Here to make you happy with food. I want to show you that healthy, nutritious food can taste really good too!

Coming at you from northern British Columbia, where I live with my husband, Brett and our dog and cat, Beau & Pippin.

I am originally from New England where I studied Business and Food Studies at the University of Maine. After coming to Canada, I rediscovered my love for food and cooking. I spent all my free time experimenting in the kitchen

After enrolling in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition I became certified as a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor. A program that quite honestly changed my life and opened my eyes to all the properties of food and how they can be applied to cooking.

I now offer in-person and online cooking classes, personalized meal plans, personalized kitchen coaching and more.

I am here for any and all questions and can’t wait to meet you!

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