Project Description

I’m a culinary nutrition expert and instructor here to show you healthy, nourishing food can be delicious too!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I’m Tiia, here to inspire you in and out of the kitchen with delicious, healthy food that you can cook from your own home kitchen!

I’m passionate about using food as a way to help us feel great and excited in the kitchen. I want to help you create meals that will make you look forward to every step along the way!

I truly believe healthy food does not mean eating a plain salad or the same protein & vegetable for every meal. I also believe real, whole food that isn’t processed or man-made is what we should fill up on, and I’m here to show you how to do that so you can wake up every single day feeling energized and excited to EAT!

I hope you follow my food journey and get inspired to start your own, I am always here to guide you and answers any and all questions!

Happy cooking!



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