Project Description

Teff is an ancient Ethiopian grain that happens to be the worlds smallest! It’s high in protein & gluten-free.


This morning we had a delicious bowl of teff porridge with fresh blueberries, and toasted seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, chia and sliced almonds.

Not saying this is a simple meal that we always have the ingredients for but it’s super easy to make and doesn’t require a lot.

If you ever see teff grain, buy it, then cook it with 3 parts water and enjoy with toppings likes these. I really think you’ll love it!

Plus, this tiny grain is really great for you with lots of protein, magnesium and fiber so it keeps you nice and full!!

Here it a video of the process!

Teff Porridge with Blueberries & Toasted Seeds

Full Recipe

  • SERVES: 2
  • TOTAL TIME: 18min
  • 2/3 cup teff

  • 2 cups water

  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon, optional

  • 3 tbs pumpkin seeds

  • 3 tbs sunflower seeds

  • 3 tbs unsweetened shredded coconut flakes

  • 1 tbs butter or coconut oil

  • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

  • maple syrup or honey, for serving

  • In a small pot, combine the teff and the water and bring to a boil, once boiling, reduce heat to low and let simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. When most of the liquid is absorbed, it’s done.

  • Meanwhile, in a small skillet, add the butter, the seeds and the coconut flakes and heat over medium-low to gently toast everything. You can also add nuts or any other kinds of seeds you like! Just be sure to watch it so everything doesn’t burn.

  • If you’re using frozen blueberries, I suggest warming them up before adding to your bowl. This is my personal preference!

  • When ready to eat, add the teff to bowl, top with blueberries and toasted seeds then drizzle with maple syrup. I also like to add some cream or milk for the texture.